October is coming to a close and leaves are beginning to show off their inner beauty as the fall nights get crisper and the sunny afternoons make you glad to be alive.

In just a few more days the streets will be lined with little folk dressed in every conceivable type of costume imaginable--so watch out for the wee ones in your neighborhood and slow down for Trick or Treat-ers.

November will usher in a time of hurry and flurry as we scurry around to prepare for the holidays. The time change on November 4 will certainly help that sense of urgency along as we have less and less daylight to accomplish our errands after a day's work.  Veteran's Day to honor those who serve in our nation's military services.  Thanksgiving, a time for families to gather and reflect on the goodness of life.  Christmas shopping and Black Friday sales--oh, my!

The hustle and bustle may be enough to give you a headache, but when you lay your head on your pillow at night, take a moment to reflect and appreciate all you've been given, little kindnesses shown, thoughtful deeds done with a smile, and those you love sleeping safe and sound in their beds.

Part of the reason that can happen is good planning and fore-thought.  One of the things it's time to plan for right now is making sure your heating system is prepared to keep your home cozy and warm over the long winter nights and frosty mornings.  If you haven't had your unit cleaned and inspected in the last 6 months, it'd be a good idea to schedule a service check now.

Air Care Systems by Price, Inc. is currently providing fall clean and checks to our valued customers.  Give us a call today at 479-996-9288 and get your home on the list to have your unit cleaned, inspected, and prepared for the coming cold months.  Your family will be glad you did!